We spend a lot of our time on the beach these days. Both kids seem to love the sand and water, just like us. We’ve all been fighting some sickness for the past week or so (gotta love preschool) and trips to the sea seem to help cure our ailments in more ways than one.

Millie and I sat along the water’s edge and talked while Wyatt napped and Brad swam. I asked if she thought we should have another baby in our family. (What? You don’t ask your three year old to make your life decisions? Oh.) She responded that she wants a dog, not a baby. (A quiet dog, not a loud one.) I have to admit I was a little surprised and maybe a bit disappointed. (This third child question is complicated.) Anyway. She has a point. Not that she’s the decision-maker, but I still like to hear her perspective. She said, “there are four people in our family and that’s good.”

Finally have some pictures with my little loves. I know it’s a common issue, the whole moms rarely being in pictures thing. I admit that I have a hard time asking Brad to take pictures of me, like it’s narcissistic or something. But I’m trying to get over myself because I really do want to document my life as a mom with young kids. Even if I don’t “look good.”

So oh wise people of tumblr: what are your theories on how many kids to have? I mean, I know it’s clearly a personal question that only a specific family can answer for themselves, but still. I’m curious how people make these decisions! Do tell.